What’s new in 2019

July 31, 2019
Street Food

New: Street Food Tour now also in Bologna!

A fun introduction to the essential Apertivo of the Veneto. This small-group tour allows you to discover the history behind the Spritz and its role in modern day Italy while meeting up with other visitors. Your guide, an engaging local food and wine expert, will also give you great recommendations on the city’s bar and restaurant scene...
June 30, 2019

New: Art of the Aperitivo in Venice

As of 2018 we have added several new cooking lessons, thanks to a growing interest in this type of local experience and very positive feedback from clients who have participated in our lessons in Venice and Padova. You can now choose from a wide variety of cooking lessons designed for all skill levels and interests, in one of our three locations in Venice, Padova and the Veneto countryside...
January 27, 2018
Padova Jewish Heritage Walk

New: Padova Jewish Heritage Walk

Padova has one of the oldest and most important Jewish communities in Italy, dating as far back as the 1200s. Our new Padova Jewish Heritage Walk is a fascinating introduction to the history and culture of this long-standing local community. Your walking tour with private guide will take you through the cobblestone streets of the Ghetto, where you will visit the Jewish museum, Italian rite synagogue and...