New: Art of the Aperitivo in Venice

Padova Jewish Heritage Walk
New: Padova Jewish Heritage Walk
June 22, 2022

New: Cooking Lessons

As of 2018 we have added several new cooking lessons, thanks to a growing interest in this type of local experience and very positive feedback from clients who have participated in our lessons in Venice and Padova.   You can now choose from a wide variety of cooking lessons designed for all skill levels and interests, in one of our three locations in Venice, Padova and the Veneto countryside.   All of our culinary activities are very hands-on and led by engaging local chefs who will introduce you to the importance of fresh and seasonal ingredients in the local cuisine.  Whether you are making homemade tagliatelle in Padova, seafood risotto in Venice or artisanal desserts and gelato in the countryside, you’re sure to have a memorable experience.

Families with young children will enjoy our Kids in the Kitchen, in a relaxed country environment an easy drive from Venice.  Here your little ones have their own dedicated lab, where they will make bread, biscotti or little pizzas with their own chef.   If you are up for a culinary and artistic adventure in Padova, come spend the day with us on our Aprons and Art Day, where we combine a morning stroll through the lovely outdoor markets, a hands-on cooking class with wine component and tickets to the Scrovegni Chapel at your leisure in the afternoon.   Visitors interested in learning the secrets of true Venetian cuisine will love our Venice Cooking Class.   Browse our Gourmet Tours for more details!