Gourmet Tours and ActivitiesVenice Rialto Market Walk

Artisanal Cheese Visit and Tasting
Gourmet Tours and ActivitiesArtisanal Cheese Visit and Tasting
February 21, 2017
Market Walk in Padova
Gourmet Tours and ActivitiesMarket Walk in Padova
February 21, 2017

Explore the colorful area
of the historic Rialto food market in Venice.

from euro 80/person

Experience the fragrances and flavors of the local fresh fruit and vegetables. See the richly diverse fish and seafood offerings from the lagoon, Adriatic and beyond. Delve into the world of the Venetian merchants of spices, salt, coffee and chocolate. Taste the traditional cicchetti accompanied by a glass of Prosecco in a centuries-old wine bar. A perfect activity for foodies!

What’s Included:

  • Private guided walking tour of the Venice outdoor market (in English) of 2 hours
  • Many market tastings including seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • A glass of Prosecco with a typical cicchetto at a traditional wine bar
Venice Rialto Market Walk
Venice Rialto Market Walk


10:00 am
Your guided walk begins at the Rialto Market.
Your gastronomic guide will take you through the maze of fresh food stalls and explain to you about the seasonal produce, local traditions and specialties, and the importance of quality fresh ingredients in Italian cuisine.

12:00 pm
A refreshing glass of sparkling Prosecco with a typical cicchetto (small tapas-like appetizer) at a traditional wine bar.

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Venice Rialto Market Walk

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